Changing Positions

It’s that time of the year again when the fraternity holds elections and the slate of officers is renewed. The new slate now stands as:

Presdient, Devyn Payne

Vice President, Jacob Murphy

Secretary, Tucker Dunaway

Treasurer, Steven Jackson

Warden, Gunner Wilkerson and Zac Copeland

Social Chair, Tucker Dunaway

Public Relations Chair, Ethan Peplow

Historian, Mark Mareth

Academic Chair, Zac Copeland

IFC Representatives, Tucker Dunaway and Zac Copeland

Chaplain, Zac Chumbley

Recruitment Chair, Ethan Peplow

Congratulations to the new officers as such my time here on this blog is technically ended however I’m sure you all will still here from me every now and then. Our Public Relations Chair, Ethan Peplow, with now be running this area of our chapter!

Ethan Peplow aka Billy Currington

Ethan Peplow aka Billy Currington