Alpha Gamma Sigma is a fraternity built upon an appreciation of Agriculture. Our membership begins with this common bond. Most of our members are agriculture majors, but this is not a requirement. Many members are from farm backgrounds or enjoy the backwoods attitude you get with good ol boys, and this is their reason for interest in an agriculture fraternity. We are also very much a social fraternity, participating in many Greek and campus activities like Homecoming and Greek Week. Our members are also involved in many other campus organizations, which is strongly encouraged. With our smaller size and common interests, we feel that our brotherhood is the strongest of any fraternity on campus. It is from this brotherhood that I come from and I have started this blog to help promote our organization, share our views, and tell our story.

Mission Statement

Preparing men for life by: coming together as scholars, living as brothers, becoming leaders of tomorrow.


The Thirteen Principles of Alpha Gamma Sigma are:


2. Temperance
3. Health
4. Obedience
5. Perpetuation of Morality
6. Cooperation
7. Sociability
8. Leadership
9. Fellowship
10. Honesty
11. Sportsmanship
12. Sacrifice
13. Scholarship

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