Changing Positions

It’s that time of the year again when the fraternity holds elections and the slate of officers is renewed. The new slate now stands as:

Presdient, Devyn Payne

Vice President, Jacob Murphy

Secretary, Tucker Dunaway

Treasurer, Steven Jackson

Warden, Gunner Wilkerson and Zac Copeland

Social Chair, Tucker Dunaway

Public Relations Chair, Ethan Peplow

Historian, Mark Mareth

Academic Chair, Zac Copeland

IFC Representatives, Tucker Dunaway and Zac Copeland

Chaplain, Zac Chumbley

Recruitment Chair, Ethan Peplow

Congratulations to the new officers as such my time here on this blog is technically ended however I’m sure you all will still here from me every now and then. Our Public Relations Chair, Ethan Peplow, with now be running this area of our chapter!

Ethan Peplow aka Billy Currington

Ethan Peplow aka Billy Currington




What can YOU get out of a Fraternity?

Last month one of our members, Steven Jackson, wrote couple pages about what you can get from being involved within a Fraternity? I will be post a couple paragraphs a week so be sure to stay in tune!

People constantly ask me, especially around the time of recruitment, what the point is of being in a fraternity, or what they stand to gain from joining a fraternity; more specifically they ask these questions about Alpha Gamma Sigma. Of course, there are the standard answers: Connections with members past and present; resources for academic success; being part of something bigger than yourself; you’ll regret passing such an opportunity; it looks really good on a resume; or one of my personal favorites, brotherhood. But what does any of that actually mean? What does one truly stand to gain from joining a fraternity, particularly Alpha Gamma Sigma? If a person wants to join to gain the things I just mentioned, they aren’t going to succeed in the fraternity. There are a million ways to gain those advantages, 99.9% of which don’t require one to join a fraternity. I would like to address what I personally see as real, concrete reasons to join a fraternity, and more to the point, to join Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Fraternity life has absolutely nothing to do with the things advertised. The advantages that are advertised as reasons to “go Greek” include social status, community betterment, connections that could lead to a career, opportunities for academic success, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Greek life provides all of these things, and they are all great aspects of the Greek community. But ultimately they are nothing more than fringe benefits. You can create a great network of friends in college, and be socially involved on and off campus. You can become involved in the community in many ways through volunteer work. You can network and gain post-graduation connections through both of the aforementioned benefits, and also through things like jobs, school itself, and clubs that demand much less time, money, and effort. Academic success can come through many of these same benefits; you don’t have to be in a fraternity to have a 4.0 GPA. Anymore, Greek life has gained a bit of a negative reputation in society, so while it may help on a resume it could just as easily be damaging to employment opportunities, depending on the type of employment and employer. None of these things require affiliation with a certain arrangement of Greek letters, but Greek life is certainly a good place to find them.

Being Greek and being an Ag Sig, one tends to gain so much, if we all truly realized it our heads would explode. But we tend to forget the most important parts, defending these other things when confronted by those outside the Greek community. Simply put, they just aren’t enough to make one want jump in and become a part of it.  We overlook the inward gains as we reach out for the more tangible, material benefits. We forget that you come out the other side a completely different person with a different view of the world around us and the parts of life that actually make life worth living. I don’t know how else to really describe these inward gains without doing so from a very personal standpoint.

First and foremost, the letters AGS on my chest are merely a symbolic representative of what I hold in my heart. By themselves, they are nothing more than three letters from another language. To the man behind them they are the physical, tangible, recognizable symbols of what I feel whenever I see them, or whenever somebody speaks them. What I feel are senses of pride, inclusion, and a desire to improve not only myself on a daily basis, but the world around me as well. The pride that I feel isn’t a boastful, holier than thou pride. It’s the kind of pride that whenever those letters are presented, when they are spoken, I feel a sense of accomplishment. This leads me to my second point, which is inclusion. Adding to that pride is the overwhelming joy to know that I am a part of that. The best comparison I can make here is sports. When a baseball team wins the World Series, millions of their fans around the world are proud to claim supremacy. But the players themselves, the ones who physically put in the work on the field to achieve this goal, have

the honor and privilege to actually be a part of making it happen. Within the fraternity, the best example of this is through our annual philanthropy event, which brings to light my third point. Last year we raised more than $1000 in just one day to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. At the personal level, each and every one of us take pride in being able to come together and do our part to contribute to this event, which put our fraternity in a positive light. Better than that, we were able to take that positive, not for our own personal gain, but to give it directly to a community of men and women who have sacrificed more than we likely ever will, asking nothing in return. We didn’t do it for Alpha Gamma Sigma; we did it for the community.

Written By: Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson

We Ain’t Fake

Salute to the Cowboy Past

I’ve never rode a horse, Or wrestled a steer,

I prefer Chardonnay, Over whiskey or beer.

Can’t tell you the difference, Tween a chink and a chap,

But I’m a cowboy you see, Cause I wear the hat.

I listen to red dirt, Almost everyday,

And I reckon that’s country, Or that’s what they say.

I own a supped up truck, And that makes me true,

Cause ownin a hat and a truck, Is all cowboys do.

This poems a lie, But it’s reality today,

It’s what people think, Of the cowboy and his way.

It’s a shame to think, What we have become,

All the true cowboys, Are off to the sun.

I tip my hat, To the true cowboy past,

And thank God each day, I’m at least one of the last.

Special Thanks to Blake Adams

10 Tips for Incoming Freshmen

This post was actually not written by but by Steven Jackson who was my new member educator Hope you enjoy and pay attention because he says these things from experience.

Advice for Incoming Freshman
1. During the first week of school, it is essential that you introduce yourself to your professors. Make sure to give them your first and last name, and set up a personal conference with them one-on-one. Meet with them on a regular basis throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, professors will be more apt to give you those couple extra points that could bump you a letter grade, but they won’t do that if they can’t put name to face and know that you are working for it.

2. Never underestimate homework assignments. In some classes, the grades you’ll have will come from exams. In the classes that have regular homework assignments, they could make a huge difference in grades.

3. GO TO CLASS! Some classes record attendance, and attendance can very well be incorporated in your final grade. This also helps professors recognize your efforts during the semester, and could once again be beneficial in improving your grade.

4. Get involved, make NEW friends, and join organizations. These promote excellent resources when it comes to class. You’ll meet people that you have class with, people who have taken those classes before, etc. If you can get in good with a group of people, they will be more than willing to help you succeed.

5. Manage your time well. Do not think that just because you are not in class, you do not need to focus on the class. Treat school like a job. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work on homework, studying, going to class, etc. This will reduce the necessity of last minute cramming and stressing out during exams/midterms/finals.

6. Don’t forget to have fun. If you practice good time-management skills, you will open up your evenings/weekends to unwind and take your focus off of school. Temporarily taking your mind away from studies will aid you in de-stressing and can also help you build quality relationships with the people you meet during your collegiate career.

7. Drop the high school sweetheart. Sure, you grew up together, graduated together, etc. The truth is, holding on to your significant other into your collegiate career, especially if they are not going to school where you are, will only hinder your chances for success. Running home every weekend to spend time with them will only result in you missing out on a major part of the college experience; building new friendships and relationships that will likely stick with you long after graduation. Nobody wants to hang out with the person who can’t let go of their high school days.

8. Your high school wasn’t as awesome as you thought it was. Hang up the letterman’s jacket until the 10 year reunion. Nobody is really that interested in your state championship either. Yeah, it’s quite an accomplishment, but chances are you are not here on an athletic scholarship so you couldn’t have been that great of a contributor.

9. Contrarily, your high school wasn’t as awful as you thought it was, either. We all hated certain people, teachers, administrators, etc. from our high schools. Whenever you spend a great portion of your life in the same town with the same people, yeah, you get tired of them. Don’t ruin your chances of meeting new people in college by constantly complaining about the problems you had during your high school days.

10. Don’t be stupid. Sure, college is a time to open your mind and experience new things in life. Just don’t go overboard. Hang on to your values, morals, and ethics, but remain understanding and willing to listen to those who believe differently. You will meet people from many different walks of life in college. Don’t do something just because your new friends do it, but at the same time don’t hate someone for carrying a different set of values than you.

Online Resumes!

For those of you that don’t know me I am very professionally minded which is why I was a bigger player in FFA and DECA in high school and why I am a good member of Alpha Gamma Sigma here in college. So to be a person’s portfolio especially the resume is very important to me so I did some research on some creative ways to create our own online resumes and made this prezi to share what I learned!

Summer Time has Arrived!

Well folks we are all starting to see the summer weather finally in Missouri, kind of seems like we skipped over Spring. And along with summer means the start of our slow period. Many sad goodbyes have been said to our three members (Weston, Tommy, and Niko) that have graduated this last semester and the group has split up and gone home for awhile. This is where some of those job training skills come in handy as graduates look for careers and the rest of us look for summer employment. Steven has already started us off early by acquiring a good job with the traffic department at Missouri State University and I know that Niko has gone back to his home in Wisconsin where I think he has a job. But in the midst of all the good byes we also know that this is the season for camping and bonfires and later in July we will have a annual float trip to start planning out the year ahead. So I thought it would be appropriate to attach a good summer song for y’all to enjoy!

How We Wage War on Finals



Zac and Dylan Study Break

Through out the year, brothers get together to do school work together as a study group. This promotes better academics and better retention among our members. This is a great strategies for our members that have the same or similar classes. This semester the main classes have been animal science, biology, and sustainable agriculture. These study hours are an essential part of our fraternity because it promotes the three biggest goals of our brotherhood – academics, brotherhood, and career skills.

However like almost all study programs will say to be a boss at studying you have to have some study breaks every now and again. For us these breaks just happen periodically when we all start doing something weird and completely non academic. Usually our study sessions are in Karls Hall and that means that we don’t have to worry about disturbing other students.

I was glittered while napping...

I was glittered while napping…

My first semester of final studying I remember breaking out all at once into a chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody or some other classic, awesome song like Hotel California. These are the parts of study that make us come together into a even deeper brotherhood. There have been times when I’ve taken a nap and woken up in a pile of blue glitter or that I’ve started writing cowboy poetry on the board. All in all we have a good system that makes us better brothers and it is these times when I am extremely proud of our brotherhood.

What’s to Come…

As it says in the About Me this blog is for logging my activities and experiences of being in Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity. However I am not starting this at the appropriate time considering that summer is about to begin which means that there will be very little fraternity workings. But I want to have this up and running with good information for potential rushes in the spring. So what I will  do is keep a steady rate of stories and experiences from this last year. Course this isn’t a official blog so there may be a post every now and then about other major events that have gone on but they will all relate to agriculture. So keep reading and laugh at some of the stupid and fun things that have happened as I tell my stories of becoming a Sig.Image

A Little About Me, the Author

Tucker DunawayWell y’all I’m a small town country boy trying to find a place in this world. I have lived on a small beef cattle ranch all my life which has ingrained an inborn love of agriculture in me. Along with working on the farm my parents also introduced me to hunting and conservation at an early age by participating in Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation events. When I was around 12 years old I started dabbling in leather craft and by the time I entered high school I was running a small business I called Tumbl’n T Leather. During high school I was very active in FFA which has really inspired me in more recent times. Now I am 19 years old and am attending Missouri State University with the goal of dual majoring in Agricultural Education and Business. I am still an active member in the RMEF, NWTF, and FFA along with new activities like Farm Bureau and Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity.

I am keeping this blog to log my involment with Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity, Epsilon Chapter and I hope that I accurately describe our great organization and that when I graduate another member will take it over. However this blog is not an official blog of our chapter therefore all views and opinions presented are my own.

Tucker Dunaway, Pin #387

A Little About Us


Alpha Gamma Sigma is a fraternity built upon an appreciation of Agriculture. Our membership begins with this common bond. Most of our members are agriculture majors, but this is not a requirement. Many members are from farm backgrounds or enjoy the backwoods attitude you get with good ol boys, and this is their reason for interest in an agriculture fraternity. We are also very much a social fraternity, participating in many Greek and campus activities like Homecoming and Greek Week. Our members are also involved in many other campus organizations, which is strongly encouraged. With our smaller size and common interests, we feel that our brotherhood is the strongest of any fraternity on campus. It is from this brotherhood that I come from and I have started this blog to help promote our organization, share our views, and tell our story.