Summer Time has Arrived!

Well folks we are all starting to see the summer weather finally in Missouri, kind of seems like we skipped over Spring. And along with summer means the start of our slow period. Many sad goodbyes have been said to our three members (Weston, Tommy, and Niko) that have graduated this last semester and the group has split up and gone home for awhile. This is where some of those job training skills come in handy as graduates look for careers and the rest of us look for summer employment. Steven has already started us off early by acquiring a good job with the traffic department at Missouri State University and I know that Niko has gone back to his home in Wisconsin where I think he has a job. But in the midst of all the good byes we also know that this is the season for camping and bonfires and later in July we will have a annual float trip to start planning out the year ahead. So I thought it would be appropriate to attach a good summer song for y’all to enjoy!